• Valentines Will Always Be About Roses

    Roses and Valentines are two things that have long been associated with love, affection, passion, red, hearts, dinners, and of course money. Seriously speaking, have you (like me) ever wondered why every the “red letter day” of the year cue roses in? Sure, there are thousands of other more original, stunning, and beautiful gifts in […]

  • Ever Wonder Why Roses Give You Therapeutic Benefits?

    Roses have special health benefits in addition to the feeling of warmth, giving, and love they provide. There are many therapeutic benefits of roses that go back a long time in history. Roses have a special scent that gives wonderful aromatherapy effects for the heart and sense of well being. Within the petals, you will […]

  • The Meaning of Yellow Roses: Friendship and Well Wishes

    The yellow rose might be younger than all the other rose colors, but that doesn’t make its history and meaning any less fascinating. Yellow roses were first discovered in the wild at parts of the Middle East during the 18th century. Before its discovery, roses were cultivated in shades of red, pink, and white. Once […]

  • The Most Popular Rose Varieties

    The rose, being the most popular garden and cut plant, has over 20,000 cultivars in the Northern Hemisphere alone. This number originates from a conservative figure of only 150-200 species of wild roses. Fossil specimens found in both Colorado and Oregon show that roses have been growing for more than 30 million years to date. […]

  • For All Those Who Didn’t Know About the Actual Rainbow Rose!

    We all know how important rainbow roses are for events like weddings and to give to our loved ones on special occasions. No one can deny their importance because they just seem to be meant for occasions like these. They are beautiful, delicate and it is like they are meant for the occasion that they […]

Let the beauty and fragrance of a rose touch your soul.

Rose Black Spot is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of roses for the convenience store market. We are located in central California where we have been making quality products for satisfied customers since 1985.

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The Rose Black Spot of the American Rose Society is a group of people from all walks of life who share a common bond: a love of the rose. To participate in our events, you do not have to be a member of the American Rose Society or a local rose society affiliated with the American Rose Society, but we urge you to join both. At both the local and national levels you will be able to meet and talk with others who share your love for the rose.

Rose Flora provides the many benefits associated with Mity Gro including balanced soil, better nutrient availablity and improved overall plant health. The reprint on Organic Gardening/Farming provides an excellent overview on how to achieve a balanced soil and the associated benefits. You can have a copy of this article sent to you automatically at your request. Feel free to contact us 218-206-7805


Rose Black Spot

The disease known as black spot has probably done more to discourage potential rose gardeners than any other factor. Left untreated, it can completely defoliate a rose bush by midsummer. Focus on prevention by beginning a treatment program early in the season.

This fungal disease is caused by the pathogen Marssonina rosae or its sexual stage which goes by the name of Diplocarpon rosae. It is a two cell spore that is not visible without the aid of a microscope. This disease is characterized by black irregular lesions appearing to be on the leaf surface, however occurring under the surface of the leaf. The lower leaves are almost always the first to be infected unless the cultivar is in close proximity to a structure such as the wall of a house or a trellis, in which case the upper leaves can show first infection. These spores over-winter in infected leaves, canes, or on rough surfaces. They do not over-winter in the soil. These spores have no means of self propulsion and are not dispersed by the wind. Splashing water, resulting from rainfall or sprinklers, generally provides a means of transportation for the spore, however it is thought that some spores can hitch a ride on the back of a sticky insect.

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